Working Principle

Using high-frequency voltage, a stable electro-static corona zone is formed inside the filter tubes. Air containing microbes (bacteria, spores and/or viruses) passes through the corona zone and are sintered on the walls of the tubes. Through this process 99.99% disinfection and sterilization of airborne microorganisms is achieved.

Our filters use a highly efficient ionic catalytic layer, which replaces commonly used fiber or activated carbon filters. As air passes through the cylinder, the positively charged needle electrode and negatively charged walls of the cylinders, attracts and repels electrons lining the outer walls of air borne particulates. Particulates are sintered and destroyed on contact with electrically charged walls.

Product Advantages

Here are a few of the overall benefits over traditional filter media:
  • Destroys particles, fumes and biological air pollutants 
  • Universal voltage – Use anywhere in the world (110-240V)
  • Eco-friendly – No expensive HEPA or carbon filters to replace
  • Quiet operation – Wind resistance20Pa
  • Energy efficient – 15 – 80W/h for residential use, does not inhibit the airflow or clog like traditional filters
  • Easy to install anywhere (only 3-6 cm thick)
  • Long life time – lasts 15 – 20 Years
  • Easy maintenance – brush 1 – 2 times/year, easy to clean and/or replace
  • Long term warranty – at least 3 Year
  • Highly adaptable to a variety of applications

Science Behind the Filter:

  • Corona electrolysis patented technology, 20,000 discharges per second, 4000-7200V
  • Authoritative CE testing. The current is very low, harmless to the touch.
  • Dual-effect purification and antivirus (affecting large and microbial particulate matter equally).
  • Patented technology ensures that the ozone generation is 0.01mg/m3, 1/10 and can be used continuously harmless to the environment and humans.

ESC Air USA Patented Technology

  • Independent research and development of ESCOL patented technology, ultra low ozone electrostatic corona virus elimination technology. ((Existing patent number: 201220103060.2. And there will be a series of new patents to protect this technology).
  • Based on the internationally mature two-stage electrostatic technology, an enhanced high-frequency corona field is constructed between the positive and negative electrodes, so that bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the air are ionized and charred to death when passing the equipment, and achieve adsorption in the same section.
  • Compared with the original two-stage electrostatic technology, it has improved:

The use of alloy needles instead of tungsten wire discharge greatly enhances the corona field, improves the disinfection and sterilization capabilities, and achieves one-time effective disinfection.

The patented structure greatly reduces the amount of ozone generated, so that the product can be used in a human environment, which greatly expands the scope of application of the product.

Change the original two-stage static asymmetric and uneven electric field distribution, which is easy to break down the electric field and produce continuous crackling problems. No noise during work, more humane and safer. One-stage design ultra-thin products, you can design 3.5-6.8 cm ultra-thin products.

Modular structural design, supporting any brand of any type of air conditioning installation use

  • Ultra-thin size: 3.5cm (without frame for VRV) or 6.8cm (with protective frame).
  • No need to open the mold: Production process is completely customized according to the actual air conditioner size to ensure the best air killing effect.
  • Small wind resistance: <25 Pa, low power consumption, 15W/0.35m2 equipment, basically does not affect the normal use of the air conditioner.
  • High humidity: supports RH90%, suitable for air-conditioning environment.
  • No need for consumables: only need simple cleaning and maintenance every year while competing products need to replace consumables.
  • Energy saving and emission reduction: reducing dust entering air-conditioning ducts, saving air-conditioning energy and reducing emission.
  • Long service life: 10-15 years service life, basically equivalent to air conditioner.

Conclusion: very suitable for the supporting use of air conditioners, which will not affect the normal use of air conditioners, and use air conditioners to achieve indoor air sterilization.


  • Coexistence of man and machine——disinfection when there are people, currently 99% of public places lack such equipment.
  • Continuous disinfection——99% of current disinfection is instant disinfection, such as spraying disinfectant water.
  • Intrinsic safety——will not do harm to people, equipment, or the environment.
  • Disinfecting the air conditioner——solve the old and difficult problem of the bacteria generated by the air conditioner and it is difficult to clean.


  • Efficient disinfection——cooperating with the best air circulation of the air conditioner to achieve the best indoor air disinfection effect.
  • Radon removal——effectively removing radioactive radon progeny and reducing the incidence of lung cancer.
  • Energy saving and emission reduction——effectively reducing the dust entering the air-conditioning duct and saving electricity and energy.
  • Quiet operation——low wind resistance, quiet operation, good user experience.

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