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ESCair’s filters utilize patented electrostatic, catalytic technology. ESCair filters retrofit into existing air conditioning and ventilation ductwork, which provides a high air exchange rate, low wind resistance and reduced energy consumption. ESCair filters offer long-term protection from airborne pollutants. ESC air filters are lab certified for various viruses, mold and bacteria.

ESC Air Filters are distributed by ESC Air USA.
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call our toll free line (866) 707-2332 to discover what our ESCair Filter can do for you.

What Makes Our Product Unique?

Our filter’s unique size options, offers an affordable retrofit solution to existing air handling systems.


ESC air filters can be installed at the air return inlet, or any air outlet. It is available in a variety of sizes to match your system’s needs. The power line of the device is connected to the air conditioning power supply and continuously filters while the air conditioner is in the state of cooling, heating or ventilation.

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